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As authorities and the travel industry examine digital health passports’ privileges, travelers’ message is clear: Digital health passports can be an essential tool in initiating travel. A study commissioned by Amadeus and performed by Censuswide affirmed that just over 9 in 10 (91 percent) travelers would be comfortable using a digital health passport for forthcoming trips.

This promising research presents an incentive to stimulate digital health passports programs that will help address traveler concerns.

The study presented additional good news for the industry as just over two in five voyagers (41 percent) said they would book international travel within six…

Significant Change in Tourism

According to a report generated by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), the travel and tourism sector has increased by 3.9% in recent years and has contributed $8.8 trillion to the global economy in terms of its growth. Now, you could pretty much know how fast this rise of travel has brought a significant change in the travel industry globally.

As faster travel grows, the more key challenges and competition in the travel industry will have to deal with to sustain your travel business. …

Ticketing solutions are quite possibly the main bits of operating systems utilized by travel businesses. These solutions permit groups to administer, oversee, and track the situation with customer’s issues in a formulated and profoundly coordinated way.

ClarityGTS offers a specially designed booking and distribution platform for diversified travel businesses. The ticketing solution provides a platform for travel agencies to issue tickets after finding real-time availability and pricing. ClarityGTS provides the companies that sell travel products an interface to reach out to their customers. The customers can search, seek, compare and book flights, accommodations, and dynamic packages from this platform. …

The payment industry grows and evolves at a faster pace in terms of revenue business travel expenses. This growth is all about the uncertainty, causing advanced payment technology through customer demands on booking refund requests based on travel impacts. A secure and reliable payment gateway is all a customer seeks in online travel purchases, and it is possible to achieve in today’s digital payments. With that in mind, online travel business should leverage business traveling statistics to protect your business travel revenue and turn-overs into a profit center.

ClarityTTS Business Revenue Systems and our payment technology ensure consolidated and simplified…

Technology, if not properly used, could endanger your business at last. A little mistake or accident can cause a gouge. Innovation has relatively recently made it less complex for the clients to book their reservations and travel destinations, and a precise examination for their movement agendas and offices — all through introducing an application.

Working much the same as the rest won’t make a dime’s worth of a difference. Subsequently, you need to change gears and give exceptional technology and customized service to stand apart from the rest. Technology provides the data expected to help the travel planners smooth out…

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to live without internet access, systems, online purchases, cybersecurity technologies, and much more in the world of innovation? Technology has now changed the world tremendously and reduces our day-to-day operations to get completed in hours and minutes.

Trends in the Everyday Travel and Tech

As the dark story of the year 2020 comes to an end, travel might seem implacable. But with technology trends, it’s feasible! In our travel and tourism department, the changes go beyond successfully improvising travel seamless. …

Technology and travel are pushing each other to the pinnacle. To seek and sustain success as a travel agent is not just a need but a want. You will have to come up with groundbreaking ideas, technology, and innovations to stay relentless in this industry. Partner with Clarity TTS and enhance your business productivity using our simple to use travel technology products.


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